brains-N-brawn LLC

i am an independent consultant that is available to work on your projects. would consider full time employment offers doing Research & Development ( R&D )


have worked on large teams and stand alone. for large projects i typically code the high risk or unknown portions. on smaller applications i can architect and implement the entire solution

my main strengths are having a wide knowledge base and being able to become an expert in a technology very quickly. you should definitely consider me for these scenarios:




have experience developing for Mobile Devices, Web Applications, Web Services, Desktop Applications, Tablet PCs and Voice Applications. the chart below shows the devices and technologies that i have worked with (marked with an 'x')

my main areas of interest are in the realm of Bill Gates vision for Seamless Computing (Mobility, Web Services, Speech, Location)


the development articles on my web site have been written as self-teaching exercises in my spare time. they demonstrate my advanced technical skill as well as my self-motiviation and ability to learn quickly. the work that i have done on contract is listed in my resume ( linked below )

contact ( MS Word resume )