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in 2003, Hooters had their 20th anniversary. they had a competition for you to visit 20 different Hooters restaurants within a year. if you completed that then you could have a wing party. these pics are from that party. i invited the best .NET people that i've gotten to work with in this area

the actual Hooters passport Brian Tinkler runs the WI .NET user group. he also does sales ... which explains why he was the 1st to show up
Chris Mayo (left) is our regions MS evangelist. Chad Albrecht (right) is another .NET expert
worked with Travis Feirtag at Johnson Controls. expert in .NET and the Compact Framework Matt Terski (left) is a .NET guy i'm getting to work with now. John Najam (center) worked with me at JCI.
smile. where are my hands? me and 12 hooters
we bought a hooters calendar to sign and send to the troops. of course we got to look at it 1st. the Dallas 04 calendar had a nipple slip
we need more beer and wings they should have given us more than 1 Hooters girl for our party