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somehow last year, i got invited to present the Compact Framework at software legend David Platt's .NET class at Harvard. even more amazing ... i got invited back this year! i've certainly been nervous both times, just walking through campus, i can sense the massive brain power. and the class is wonderful to present to. you get to assume ALOT of technological knowledge and can expect challenging questions.

the rooms at the Faculty Club need Cartoon Network. i had to watch Yu Gi Oh when you 1st walk in the room ... classical music is playing ... as expected
room view from left window room view from right window
dont jump the lounge
when i see this ... i think Great Gatsby faculty club
cool side room sniper tower
mean church ceiling of WWI memorial
plaque from WWI memorial D'Art building that broke all their architectural standards. right across the street from firehouse
firehouse building that had to spend alot of money to match architectural style art building behind Faculty Club. last year i had a room that faced this building. my first look out the window showed an old guy getting painted as a nude. i'm talking full monty. partial blindness was caused
library ... part of it to be googled atlanta airport ... New Sex Change !!!
beds could be bigger set from The Hobbit
Gourmet pretzels ... you've got to be kidding just another impressive building
i think this is the building with the WWI memorial building public transportation ... what i hate about boston. the big dig is stupid. what they should have done is built more parking
newsstand at harvard square the coop. pretty sweet bookstore, and clothing, etc...
some segway-esque type device being used by atlanta airport personnel