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MS arranged the hotel for me to stay at after being one of the winners of the Channel9 Code'n my way to PDC contest. they got me set up at the Millenium Biltmore ... in the Music Suite ... with a piano in the room ... i'm talking big pimpin. the room was huge ... i kept waiting for roommates to show up

this is some sort of shrine to camels in the living room area full size piano in the living room. all i can play is the theme music to halloween
foyer tv 1 in guest bed room
tv 2 in master bed room music suite
the suite is so big ... its got a freakin doorbell its the room at the end of the hallway ... not one of those off to the side
i'm not sure if this is art ... or a trash can. i threw some trash in it to find out if it got removed got my own conference table
living room ... with piano in the background desk
i swear its really a piano lame ... the hours sucked and the equipment sucks
full on greeted me with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries ... they even spelled my last name right foyer
guest bed room guest bath room
guest walk in closet pantry type area
another view of conference table master bed room
master bath master walk in closet
foyer tv 3 in living room
another view of living room the toilet paper even had these elaborate designs
bible, buddha, hotel list ... all worthless there was a triathlon the first day of precon ... when i saw everybody running or biking (and no cars) i figured the price of gas must have gone up again
big sign wanted to steal this huge channel9 guy
from the outside. the room is marked by the red box