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.NET My Services (formerly HailStorm)


hello - this is taking the Hello.NET VS.NET sample, and converting it over to an ASP.NET app. extended it to to an update request and more queries. this one is using the object model to call the services, so i created an object->xml serializer to see what they looked like

hsPost - webifying the hspost command line utility. currently only works for the myFavoriteWebSites service. uses the my*.SendXml method call to accomplish this. this calls the myServices using the XML methodology (as opposed to object model)

hsSkeleton - this is a helper page for showing the my*'s associated WSDL, XSD, Blue/Red elements accessible by xPath, and generates a skeleton instance of the content document

matrix - XSLT to show which parts of the schema are blue or red tags

skeleton - my attempt to generate XML skeletons from schemas using XSLT. i hope MS releases the existing XSLT they have for doing this, since I am only on my 1st level of grok'ing XSL

hsProxy - class library I built that has a web reference to all the myServices. it uses late binding to call the appropriate web service through a method [XmlElement response sendXml(string user, Type service, XmlElement request)]. It is how I was easily able to create the hsPost web app

myVoices - in the works


sqlBrowser - i want to see what is happening on SQL Server easily

hsRequest - make a dynamic request builder using System.Reflection or XSD

hsExtend - see if i can use one of the {any} elements


is MS Alerts SDK still worth looking at, is the subscription operation still there (they used to say 6 ops, not they say 5)


could not successfully wrap any of the DLLs that come with the SDK :(