MediaCenter InternetTV for XBMC

http://www.brains-N-brawn.com/xMceItv 8/16/2008 casey chesnut



setup an XBMC a couple weeks ago. XBMC has the ability to run 3rd party Python scripts and can play a ton of media formats. a friend also pointed out that you can create a text file with the .strm extension and put a url into it. if you select this .strm file on XBMC, then it will attempt to play the contained url stream. testing with that, i found out the XBMC can play MMS streams (although it doesnt parse ASX files). i'd been avoiding the whole scripting language craze, but this gave me an excuse to give Python a shot. so all i did was cook up a script to get MCEs InternetTV content onto XBMC. for UI, its just a list. the script just makes network calls to retrieve and parse MCML and ASX files. it ultimately ends up with an MMS stream and makes an XMBC API call to play that MMS stream.

start script 

choose concerts 

choose Robyn 

opening stream 

playing stream 


to install it, you just create a directory on XBMC : e.g. E:\Apps\XBMC\scripts\xMceItv\

then copy the default.py and elementtree directory to that location


NOTE this was my first 8 hrs with Python (or any scripting), and also my first XBMC script ... so its got to have some bugs

NOTE MS can easily break this at any time by updating their InternetTV beta


none planned